Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heman or Tarzan?

Last night as we were eating dinner, Maddox hauled the step stool into the bathroom, that should have been a clue that he was up to no good... but we did not heed the warning!

He came out with the towel hook in his hand, wall screws still attached, saying "Mom I am sorry about your wall."

I assumed that he just yanked it out of wall with sheer strength (hence Heman), but when we went into the bathroom and saw the hole in wall we asked what he had done. He said he was swinging on it!

So it looks like we have a Tarzan in the house!

NOTE: His is not crying because he pulled it out of the wall, he is crying because he HATES getting his picture take!

Learned: Boys can not be trusted alone in the bathroom.

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