Sunday, June 7, 2009

Five Things I Can't Live Without

I just finished this book by Holly Shumas, about a lady who seemed a lot like me from the synopsis on the back of the book. She is almost 30 and lives in what she calls her meta-life. Her meta-life is where she constantly - no obsessively- analyzes everything; from her interactions with her boyfriend and friends to her work situation. It is an enjoyable journey through her personal self discovery, and realizing exactly what she wants out of life.

How do I rate it: (3) Enjoyable, not a total waste of time.

The Five Things I (me) Can't Live Without:

1. LOVE-given and received from GOD, family, and friends.
2. COMPANIONSHIP- I need social interaction.
3. ALONE TIME- I need time to be by my self to make sense of my world.
4. A GOOD BOOK- This is my addiction, my escape from reality!
5. RUNNING- (another addiction) If I don't get this at least every other day, I go stir crazy!

Learned: In the end she really was not much like me at all except that I am almost 30 and seem to spend a significant amount of time in my personal meta-life.

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