Monday, May 25, 2009

Rain, Soccer, Rain, Run..

It was a very busy weekend here at the Caster household!

We left for Denver Friday when I was done with work (done for the rest of the summer!!). From the moment we got Denver it was go time! We went to the soccer fields, dinner with friends; got up the next morning for 2 soccer games, visited and had dinner with the Sandovals, went to a Rapids game; got up for another early game, went and saw the house my brother is buying, took Madison to the new Night at the Museum movie (cute and funny!), had rain delays for the afternoon soccer game, went to Dick's and got some new running stuff, back to the soccer field for a short game, pasta dinner, then to bed, up at 4:00 today to head into Boulder for the BoulderBOULDER 10k, ran 6.2 miles, drove back to aunt's, packed, gassed up the car headed home, stopped at the Adidas outlet got more running clothes, then pulled into town at precisely 4:28, two minutes earlier than I predicted and won the bet with Brian.

Weekend results:

Madison's team won 1 of 4 games but still finished 3rd because they only had 3 goals scored on them the whole weekend, Madison did great!!! She played every minute of every game and many people were very impressed with her! (not just her mom and dad, but complete stranger!!)

Ran 6.2 miles in 57:50, a 9:19 pace, 5 seconds faster than last year. My best mile was 8:36, and that was the first one!

The bet I won entitles me to a massage! JOY!

Learned? Usually being this busy makes time fly, but it seems like weeks since I left work; maybe it is because we did SO many different things!

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

I have had those crazy weekends before. But it sounds like it was all good busy. We are so glad that you had time to squeeze us in! It's always great to see you and spend time with you.