Saturday, April 18, 2009


Last night Brian and I went out to dinner, and my brother came over to hang with the kids. When we got home Madison informed me that my room was very "fragrant"; I immediately assumed dog dodo or something of the like. I open the door to a wall of Febreze. Maddox had taken the Febreze bottle and sprayed it all over my room, concentrating on the foot stool- soaking the entire side. Maddox was so excited to tell me all about "making (my) room nice".

The Febreeze bottle is empty, my room smells, and Maddox is pleased with his work... Seriously son...

This morning Maddox got in trouble and was sent to his room, while there he says (cries)"No body loves me..." He's TWO not thirteen, so enough with the dramatics! Seriously son...

Learned? This boy never ceases to crack me up, even if I don't find it funny at the moment.

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