Wednesday, December 31, 2008


ERRK! I think something, some invisible creature, has taken up residence in my home. This creature seems to take pleasure in stealing and hiding my running stuff. Monday morning I got out my ear warmers set them down on the bed, went and brushed my teeth and put my hair up, came back and they were gone! I mean literally gone! I took all the covers and sheets off the bed, not there,. I looked under the bed and between the head and foot boards, in the pile of clean laundry, and the pile of dirty laundry. I looked where it is usually stored. I searched every room, even looking in those odd places such as the refrigerator, and under the bathroom sink, gone I tell you. Both the kids said they didn't touch it.

I gave up the search and headed out with one of Brian's beanies on, which ended up being a good idea as it was freezing, actually 20 degrees below freezing!

Now I am getting ready to run again, and I can not find my BRAND NEW GARMIN FORERUNNER 50! Again I have searched everywhere, even more thorough than with the ear warmer! So to calm down I thought I would sit here and vent! Maybe by getting all the anger, sadness, and guilt out on "paper" will help me think more clearly...

I am hoping that little hands (meaning Maddox) did not decide to play with it and place it somewhere impossible to find. I am visioning it being crushed in the trash truck, or chewed to pieces by the dog, sent to the good will in a bag of clothes.... To think I only got to use it once!

EDIT: I am certain it is some malicious creature, now I can't find my asthma inhaler....

EDIT 2: Well the watch has been found, as well as the inhaler. The watch was under a table, pretty obvious considering all obscure places I looked, and the inhaler was in the jogging stroller from the last time I pushed Maddox on a run. Still missing, black Turtlefur ear warmers.

Learned? Everything has a home and it needs to be put back there immediately, leaving no chance for little fingers or invisible creatures to run off with it.

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