Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Cause you'll burn it..."

I think that I have made a lasting impression on my son. About a month ago I toasted him some cinnamon raisin bread and burnt it black, so I put in two more pieces and once again burnt them even blacker (if that could be possible). Since this incident he has banned me from making him toast or bagels. He insists that I instead put it in the oven. If Brian is home he refuses to let me even touch it. When I offer, he puts his hand up (ya know like talk to the hand) and says "No mom, I want daddy do it." When asked why... "cause you'll burn it." Brian finds this absolutely hilarious, and offers Maddox toast or bagels for every meal just to reenact this conversation.

Figures, the one thing that my son will remember from his childhood is that mom burns toast.

Learned? Maybe I should mess up all the rest of my cooking, then I will be banned from all cooking...Hmmm not a bad idea.

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Vickie Snook said...

Out of the mouths of babes... Right?