Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Portfolio Panic

So... I am just weeks, yes weeks, away from completing a very large goal. I am going to finish my masters program in June. (When I say it that way it seems so far away!) In reality I am half way finished with my 9th class. I only have one more after this! YEAH! Well "Yeah" is what I felt until I realized that I have not started on my portfolio yet.

At the completion of my final class I have to turn in a CD that has 45 different outcomes, and for each outcome I have to go back through each assignment that I have completed during the duration of the program and find the ONE assignment that best shows I am competent at that outcome AND write a one page rational as to why I chose that particular assignment. (If your counting, that is a total of 45 assignments and 45 rationals.) Needless to say I am panicking! I have set a goal to do one or two each night in hopes of getting it finished in time to mail in and graduate! In reality I will probably only get three done each week, but three a week for 16 weeks will get me finished on time!

Don't feel too sorry for me; the last week of each course there are no assignments due, this is the time they give you to work on your portfolio. I however, used this week to slack off and regroup!

What did I learn.... DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

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